The Coastal Authorities Forum

The shared coast embodies universal and national cultural values regarding development and sustainability
Convention of Israeli Coastal Authorities' Forum



The Forum aims to promote collaboration between coastal localities in Israel as well as internationally. We intend to strengthen its role as a representative body for coastal municipalities; develop cultural and educational aspects in its activity; and enhance professional relationships with similar forums and coastal municipalities in other Mediterranean countries, thus promoting cultural dialogue between the coastal communities along the Mediterranean.


The Forum’s annual Conference will be held in Herzliya (January 2018), hosted by Mayor Fadlon, the newly elected Chairman of the Forum. This year’s conference will focus on innovative approaches to coastal management: The Sea is the Future: Innovation in Coastal Authorities.

During the conference, the Forum will be awarding the new Matanel Méditerranée Cultural Award – for excellence in artistic and cultural activity with affinity to the Mediterranean. Nominations will be accepted from member authorities of the Forum, and the judges’ panel is comprised of distinguished figures in the Israeli cultural arena.

Continuing the Forum’s international activity, following an interesting and successful workshop of mayors hosted in Israel in 2016, the Forum plans a tour of Israeli Mayors to coastal cities in other Mediterranean countries.

A Coastal Education Forum is being formed, to focus on and promote education-related issues unique to coastal authorities, and common to Forum members. This education-hub will enable peer learning and sharing of ideas and educational programs.

The Forum will continue to have periodic meetings, enabling networking and the discussion of professional information. The joint work will continue to address regulation, policy and budgeting of coastal management.


Dr. Orli Ronen is the Forum’s Content Consultant. She heads the Urban Innovation and Sustainability Lab at the Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University. She was previously Director of the Heschel Center for Sustainability, one of Israel's leading environmental and social NGO's, and founded its Local Sustainability Center.
Orli holds a PhD in Urban Planning and master's degrees in both Public and Business Administration. She is the 2009 recipient of the Green Globe for Local Sustainability.

Sagit Porat is a Project Manager at the Institute for Local Government at Tel Aviv University, and manages the Forum’s activities. She was previously Professional Director of the Institute for Business and the Environment at Tel Aviv University, and Deputy Director of Life and Environment, the umbrella organization of Environmental NGOs in Israel.
She holds a master’s degree from the Bartlett School of Planning, UCL (London), and studied Sustainability and Responsibility in Business Practice in the UK.

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