Coastal Cities Forum

Connecting the far, tying the knots, returning to the Mediterranean
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We believe that a sea shore should be a yielding municipal asset and that all the coastal municipalities face common challenges and have common interests.

Therefore, it is essential to establish a forum which will include all the Israeli Coastal municipalities, which will constitute a basis for mutual and international peer learning and will develop a cultural and professional relationship with similar forums and research institutes.

The coastal municipality should have the responsibility and authority to handle all  the activities which take place in the relative part of the sea.

The forum will promote cultural dialogue between the coastal communities along the Mediterranean.


  • Establishing the Coastal Cities Forum in Israel and having the forum's first meeting in Tel-Aviv University; having at least 4 meetings of the forum in a year.
  • Arranging the first coastal city conference in Ashdod:  creating the agenda and inviting speakers; creating and distributing a booklet/press release; inviting all the target audiences (municipalities, government officials, experts from the academy – Israeli and from abroad, media and the general public); organizing the required facilities for the conference etc.
  • Regular periodical gathering of the forum and making the conference an annual event, hosted by a different municipality each year.
  • The forum constitutes a significant body whose views and interests are heard and considered by policy makers, regulators and legislators.


Ayelet is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (LLB) and of Tel-Aviv University (MA in Public Policy, with honors).
Ayelet is currently the Project Manager at Institute for Local Government, Tel-Aviv University.   Ayelet manages the Institute's projects with internal and external stakeholders on all aspects: planning, budgeting, and execution.
Ayelet has extensive professional experience: 17 years in the Ministry of the Interior as acting National Supervisor of Elections and a year as the Government Relations Manager at Transparency international – Israel, an organization which promotes values of transparency, integrity and ethics.
Ayelet has a lot of experience in managing large-scale projects with both governmental and external partners.