Dawn is a work

Jorge Guillèn


This sea requires a work.  We do not know which one.  It also needs to be crossed.  From one place to another.  From one culture to another.  From one dawn to another.  To engage with and for it. We cannot continue to celebrate Mediterranean conviviality without inciting interest among young generations that will take the reins of institutions and associations of civil society.


The Companions of the Mediterranean are recruited from young people interested in volunteering in institutions or associations in countries bordering the Mediterranean in areas ranging from education, help for the disabled, assistance for the elderly, teaching in rural settings, archaeological excavations to rehabilitation sites.  Companionship periods last at least three months.  The EMID provides a grant of 1,000 USD per month, representing 50% of the total cost of the companionship period. Travel expenses from the companion's residence to the volunteer place, as well as insurance costs, will be reimbursed by the EMID up to 1,000 USD based on invoices.

Companions of the Mediterranean must write a journal or three-page report detailing:

  • their experience as a companion;
  • their conclusions about the place at which they volunteered.