The Greenhouse Women Program



The Greenhouse Women Program aims to nurture the next generation of Israeli female documentary filmmakers from diverse religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds and to support them in the development of compelling documentaries that amplify women’s voices about important contemporary and social issues. The program provides a professional meeting point for potential social change agents in an increasingly segregated Israeli society.


The program brings together each year 12-16 talented female filmmakers from diverse religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, and supports them in the development of compelling documentaries that amplify women’s voices about important contemporary and social issues.  The one-year program includes three 5-day residential workshops spanning a period of eight months. 

The participants are enriched by the cross-cultural dialogue, cooperation and community-building fostered through the program, which profoundly influences their work. Each participant receives individual and continuing support from one of three dedicated mentors who are themselves leading figures in the field of documentary filmmaking in Israel. The workshops enable the filmmakers to deepen their understanding and respect for each other and build bridges among women filmmakers committed to peace and social change.

At the end of each cycle the NFCT organizes a pitching forum during which the filmmakers present their projects in front of leading Israeli commissioning editors and producers, with the intent of aiding them in the process of raising the necessary funds to create their films. Once the films are prepared they will be screened in front of a wide range of audiences in Israel and abroad - film festivals, TV channels and educational systems.


Sigal Yehuda has been involved with Greenhouse since its inception in 2016 and is largely responsible for the evolution of the program into a prestigious and internationally recognized initiative for fostering the talents of the region’s most promising filmmakers. She has served as the Director of Greenhouse for Filmmakers from the MENA region since 2007 and the Director of the GH Arab & Jewish Women from 2014. Together with the Greenhouse team, Ms. Yehuda has been instrumental in securing professional partnerships and assistance from key international organizations. These strategic alliances allow Greenhouse to be a truly international organization dedicated to mitigating conflict through documentary filmmaking.  Ms. Yehuda also established and manages the professional aspects of the program, such as the relationships with The Sundance Institute, Tribeca Film Institute, Idfa Bertha Foundation, Arte France and others, which is the avenue through which the filmmakers are able to achieve an international audience and financing for their projects.

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