Mission Statement

We would not know how to serve art or ideas well without embarking on several.

Albert Camus


Israel will have to enter into cooperation, both dissonant and harmonious, with states located on the perimeter of the Mediterranean basin and establish relationships to better cultivate exchange and reach harmony. This cooperation would have the benefit of making Israel a laboratory, among other things, for a lifestyle that combines:


  • rigorous thought and research,
  • freedom and tolerance of belief
  • peaceful neighbourliness and conviviality.

Israel already has a Euro-Mediterranean model of society with both a European way of thinking and a Mediterranean way of living. The Euro-Mediterranean Institute for Dialogue between Civilisations (EMID) proposes the following:

  • to promote cultural and religious dialogue between Mediterranean civilisations;
  • to establish a network of specialists in inter-Mediterranean dialogue;
  • to encourage Euro-Mediterranean creativity;
  • to encourage exchange between Mediterranean societies;
  • to work to achieve Mediterranean conviviality;
  • to advise charitable organisations working around the Mediterranean and provide the support necessary to achieve their original projects.

The EMID promotes intercultural creation and exchange to provide suitable conditions for better understanding and conviviality.