“Architecture for the Poor” Hebrew translation of the seminal book by Hassan Fathy

This book is an appeal for a new attitude to rural rehabilitation.
Hassan Fathy



This project aims at introducing the practice and theory of the worldly-acclaimed Arab architect, Hassan Fathy to Israeli audience for the first time.


This will be done through the distribution of a new Hebrew translation of Fathy’s seminal book “Architecture for the Poor”, as well as through a series of public activities in art centers and academies around Israel. With this project we hope to support and promote substantial architecture and economic urban planning as an alternative to the prevailing hyper-capitalism, to widen the knowledge of the people in Israel regarding Egyptian culture and, to contribute to the discourse on the history and the legacy of local Arab Palestinian Architecture.


Marcel Art Projects is a non for profit organization devoted to promoting, researching and presenting art in Israel. Founded in 2013 by art curator Adi Englman Marcel addresses with her activities and studies both professionals and the wide audience. It is known for its fruitful collaborations with art institutions, art professionals, governmental and private foundations and municipalities.

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