Matrouz – An Encounter between Jews and Muslims

Haven’t we, as children of the Maghreb and Andalusia…a human mission of the first order?
"A Letter to my Brother in the Maghreb," Dr. Meir Buzaglo



To establish a covenant of Friends of the Maghreb that will generate dialogue and encounter, and to articulate and promote avenues of potential collaboration in joint projects that will highlight Jewish and Arab common ground and capitalize on the promise of a renewed Jewish-Arab friendship for the future of shared existence in the Middle East.


The Tikun Movement International Conference in Jerusalem will host a delegation of leaders and representatives of organizations and programs from the Maghreb, active in academia, arts, culture, social action, education. The conference will be supported by local events and celebrate the ancient Abrahamic tradition of hospitality.

Entitled Matrouz (lit. ‘embroidered’ in Arabic, a Moroccan tradition and genre, based on the interweaving of Arabic with Hebrew, Judaism with Islam, , the sacred with the profane) the encounter will seek to develop and promote joint initiatives in the following fields:

Cultural, artistic, academic, and media events and exchanges;
Education towards mutual recognition and acceptance;
Interfaith dialogue on faith-based social justice.

The conference will propose round tables, panels, guest speakers and study excursions, and introduce key players in Israeli Jewish and Arab society to the Maghreb delegation guests. Participants will be invited to present their respective visions of potential avenues for building new partnerships, cultivating dialogue and renewing Jewish – Arab fraternity and friendship.

The conference's proposed objectives already include:

  • Establishing a coordinated and regularly active think-tank to study and build on the unique Jewish-Arab experience in the Maghreb;
  • Creating a forum for civil society activists, Muslim scholars and Jewish Renewal organization leaders;
  • Developing shared platforms for publications and discussion;

Producing joint international cultural events expanding and extending the Mimouna concept as a celebration of Jewish-Arab friendship.


Dr. Orna Baziz is an author, teacher and licensed tour guide in Israel whose expertise is in Hebrew Literature and Jewish History. Her Ph.D. thesis, completed at the Sorbonne summa cum laude, deals with the image of women from the Lurianic perspective in David Shachar's work - the feminine parameters for Tikun Olam according to the Lurianic Kabbala. Dr. Baziz has extensively researched and written about the 1960 earthquake disaster in Agadir, Morocco (her birthplace), as well as about women's roles in Hebrew literature and culture. She has taught Hebrew Language and Literature in numerous pedagogical institutions in Israel's Jewish and Arab sectors and in leading secondary schools in Jerusalem. She currently lectures at the David Yellin College. In addition to her work in Israel, Dr. Baziz specializes in leading tours in Morocco.

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