The Palestinian Anthology, Israel



Literature mirrors reality but that reality is influenced by the observer’s point of view. This edited volume will give the Israeli reader a picture of the daily life of Palestinians in various locations and times, seen not through the eyes of Israelis but of Palestinians. The anthology will give voice to their feelings, lifestyles, traditions, customs, and socio-political difficulties, making the written word into a bridge of understanding between people.


This project will involve the selection and editing of stories for an anthology of Palestinian short stories that portrays the human situations that they face every day. The anthology will reflect processes and occurrences beginning with the Palestinian “story” from 1948 through their experiences in various locations (Gaza, West Bank, diaspora, Arab society in Israel). The stories differ from one another in style and in genre; some deal directly with political life in the Palestinian reality while others describe social and human feelings from love to fear, hate to understanding. The volume will not confine itself to geographical and historical demarcations but will reflect a broader reality. For this reason, pieces written by women writers in Palestinian society from diverse religious groupings and social classes will be featured. The anthology will include work by women and men, young and old, Bedouins, Druze, Circassians, Christians and Muslims thus facilitating the reader’s encounter with a wide variety of writing that gives expression to points of similarity and difference in Palestinian society The appropriate copyrights for translating all the stories will be obtained. The anthology will consist of some 20 diverse and well-written stories all appearing in Hebrew for the first time.


This is a short biography of Dr. Rawya Burbara, who was born in Nazareth in 1969. She is a married lady with two sons and a daughter. At present, she lives in Abu Sinan Village in Western Galilee.
Education: In 2004, Rawya got her M.A. degree in Arabic with distinction on her research on the collection of poetry by Emir Tamim ibn al-Mu'iz the Fatimid.  In 2011, she got her Ph.D. degree on her research on the Fatimid poetry between religious and secular meanings. She got both degrees from University of Haifa.
Occupations and Positions: Dr Rawya occupies several jobs and positions. She is an  inspector of Arabic Language  and Literature at the Ministry of Education in Israel, a lecturer and researcher at Oranim College of Education, a member of the Minor Board of Maktoub, a group of translators of Arabic literature into Hebrew, a member of the Research Committee for the development of Teaching Arabic – Pedagogical Secretary in Jerusalem and a member of the Administrative Board at Mahmoud Darwish  Association.
Besides her official jobs, Rawya is a short-story writer, a novelist, a critic and a social and cultural activist

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