Seminar "Charlotte Salomon - Etty Hillesum – Hélène Berr"



When receiving so much from someone, it’s a duty to give back a lot.

I wanted to offer to Etty Hillesum, Charlotte Salomon and Hélène Berr the shelter they dreamt for their art. To give them a place in which to share and to meet for a short time but which also bring them a piece of eternity in Israel.  I wanted to transmit the grace and the strengh of their art to the young Israeli generation.


The Seminar « Charlotte Salomon - Etty Hillesum – Hélène Berr - The Life within Them »

  • Is a cultural project about art, women creativity, Jewish memory, history, humanity, transmition and about Europe.
  • Is a seminar for a very large public with a focus on the youth.
  • Is an occasion to share and to transmit the values and the spirit of 3 talented young Jewish women dead during the Shoah, who wanted and could have been talented artists.

The Seminar will take place at the Tel Aviv University on April 28 and will included : lectures from speakers coming from Netherlands, France and from Israel, projection of a short documentary, music play by the « violin of hope » from Amnon Weinstein.


Karine Baranès-Bénichou is the founder of the non-profit Association Memory – Women in art and Jewish Memory espacially created in order to realize this event.

Karine Baranès-Bénichou was born in France in 1968. She studied modern Litterature at the Sorbonne University and obtained her BA with excellence. She decided to move to Israel in 1997 and have founded here her family after a profesionnal experience in the field of publishing.

She is also a volunteer for the program Selev which give a support to shoah survivors in their dialy life. She is also a translator in the field of Culture. She has writen a novel which was not edited yet.

What she loves more than everithing is to write and to give.

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