Thoughts about Israeli identity – Israel

Enlightenment is man’s leaving his self-caused immaturity. Immaturity is the incapacity to use one's intelligence without the guidance of another.
…Kant, I. "What is Enlightenment? "(1784)



A personal journey into the "Israeli identity" by looking  deeply into my personal identity (bio, thoughts, philo', etc).   


Inquiry the issue of  identity. Who is an Israeli, what does it mean. What is the story that a person tells himself. Is personal identity and the general are overlapping. Trek via  Munich, Jean-Paul Sartre, the relations between Jewish with "non-Jew", Descartes, the personal prayer, "to became Ashkenazi". Trek between TZafed and Tel Aviv, the Middle East and Germany. Conversion. sculpture.

Identity as a relative matter, as an indivisible. "Arab Labor" (The TV series), the exile cancelation  in the Israeli mainstream. The Sephardic roots  autonomy - What is enlightenment? by Kant. 


Israeli writer and poet, Assulin’s poems are regularly published in literary journals and daily newspapers. In 2011 his first book “The Journey”(prose) was published and received many favorable reviews. The book won the 2011 Sapir Prize for debut books, as well as the Minister of Culture Award in the debut books category for that year. ). In 2014 his second novel' "The Thing Themselves" has been published together with his first poetry book "Munich". He writes a weekly column for the Haaretz newspaper called Qeta l’Siyum (Portion for Shabbat) and a monthly columm to Liberal magazine. In 2016 he won "The prime-minister prize for Hebrew authors".

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