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The current project seeks to design and build a tailor-made, versatile website for the Arabic-Hebrew Translators’ Forum at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, showcasing the forum’s endeavors as well as additional content areas, supporting and enriching the forum’s ongoing work and mission. The new website is planned to be built in the course of the first half of 2016 and to be launched in tandem with the official launch of the forum, in mid-2016


As part of its expansion efforts, the Arabic-Hebrew Translators’ Forum at the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute seeks to develop a website dedicated to Arabic language and culture, Jewish-Arab interactions in the Mediterranean generally and the Middle East more specifically, and to literary works translated from Arabic to Hebrew.

The website will serve as a showcase for the forum’s translated works as well as host a regularly updated blog containing an initial glimpse of works in the process of translation, short stories, poems, as well as periodic interviews with the forum’s translators and Arabic authors, novelists and poets.

One of the website’s highlights is planned to be a comprehensive index, compiled by a distinguished member of the forum, Dr. Hannah Amit-Kochavi, encompassing all of the Arabic literary works ever translated into Hebrew, a unique contribution to the field of research on Arabic and on translation in Israel.

Another future plan for the website is to compile a community-based Arabic-Hebrew dictionary. Such a dictionary may become an important contribution for our forum’s translators and for a wider audience of Israeli students of Arabic and of translation. In contrast to existing, more institutionalized Arabic-Hebrew dictionaries currently available online, our new dictionary is designed to be more dynamic and to rely primarily on contribution of entries from the wide translators’ community, without compromising on professional standards of supervision and editing and high lexicographic standards, as expected in a project of this kind.


The website will be designed, built and tested by Dr. Yoni Mendel, Head of Manarat: The Van Leer Center for Jewish-Arab Relations, and Mr. Idan Barir, PhD candidate in Middle East history in the Zvi Yavetz Graduate School of Historical Studies, Tel Aviv University, both professional translators working in the Arabic-Hebrew Translators Forum with extensive experience in projects of this nature.

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