Vertigo and the Revolution Orchestra - Culture for Israel's Periphery

Rain and wind and talking people
Kalle Lasn



VERTIGO dance company and the Revolution Orchestra – " White Noise" - marking the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel

Special performance tour around Israel's periphery.

A grand performance of live music and contemporary dance in a special collaboration

Introducing 11 dancers and 11 musicians on stage in this large-scale state of the art performance premiered in January 2018


White Noise 2018, a coproduction of the Vertigo Dance Company and the Revolution Orchestra, weaves together dance end live music, presenting the audience with an inspiring dialogue that embodies   the complexity of human life in the constant change of the modern age. The original score, composed by Ran Bagno in 2008, has been adapted and  orchestrated accentuating the encounter between the surrounding white noise, the soulful beat, and the strumming of the heart. Moreover, the live social encounter of dancers and musicians seeks to surpass all barriers, penetrating white noise and indifference.

White Noise 2018 presents a nature review of the balance of power and the control mechanisms ,further highlighting the complexity of extremes: the relentless search for a quiet moment in the deafening density of the accompanying noise ; studying the individual place in the crowd; confronting the passing of time and being in the moment; distinguishing between the essential and the redundant.

Now Vertigo seek to offer the opportunity to enjoy this unique cultural event in different settlements of Israel's social and geographical periphery.

We aim to encourage audience of all ages including the youth by offering affordable tickets.


The Vertigo Dance Association established in Jerusalem over 25 years ago by Noa Wertheim and Adi Sha'al operates two complementary centers - in Jerusalem and at the Vertigo Eco-Art Village in the rural Ella Valley. Led by artistic director, Noa Wertheim, the Vertigo Dance Company presents an outstanding contemporary dance approach promoting artistic creation with a strong sense of social, environmental, and community awareness that reflects an ongoing commitment to further exploring human nature and our link to the environment

The Revolution Orchestra, established in 2004 by conductor Roy Oppenheim and composer Zohar Sharon, the Revolution Orchestra is a creative ensemble and a musical laboratory of original Israeli compositions incorporating other performing arts as well as multimedia and a unique stage concept. Over the past decade, the orchestra has performed on various stages throughout Israel, collaborated with leading artists from various fields of creation

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